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Feedback from past and present students at Blush Dance Manchester:

“Karen as an instructor is so encouraging and enthusiastic, as well as gently challenging me every week that I have stuck at Pole ever determined to get better and better. Thank you!”

Claudia Jazz Haley, Level 2 Student at Blush Manchester

“I have always been tempted to try pole dancing and have been looking for suitable class (place, time, money). I found it with Blush dance and great Karen who is absolute Pro. Class includes warm up, strength building, learning moves, positions, spins, little choreo or routine and stretching. I have never been in class where the atmosphere is so positive and Karen with classmates support you with any success. Don’t you worry if you are shy, having no strength, having few pounds up or you are foreign and just give it a go, it’s sooo good fun! :)”

Sarka Najedla, Level 2 Student at Blush Manchester

“I signed up for pole dancing to have fun and get fit but I didn’t think I could do some of the poses. They seemed intimidating and scary and I would stand in awe as others would do them. But, Karen is a competent positive motivational instructor who knows when to push you. With her help, I can now do some the poses I never thought I could do and have fun in the process! Thank you, Karen, and, thank you Blush!”

Najmeh Vahid, Level 3 Student at Blush Manchester

“I started pole classes with Blush Manchester in April and I love it! I learn something new every week and I already feel stronger. Classes are great fun and Karen makes you feel comfortable and confident . . . I have nothing but good things to say”

Laura Gregory, Level 1 Student at Blush Manchester

“When I first started pole it was for a bit of a laugh with friends – I had no idea it would take over my life and become such an important part of my week! I have slimmed down. become much stronger and actively look forward to each lesson. Karen has helped me to believe in myself, improve my confidence and all the other girls offer each other so much support. Thank you Blush.”

Katie Towlitt, Level 3 Student at Blush Manchester

“Karen’s positive attitude and ability to break down complex moves into easy steps makes her an excellent teacher, especially for those who are new to any form of dance.”

Tab Kimpton Level 3 Student Blush Manchester