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Catch up Class

What if I miss a class? Can I catch it up?

Yes you can, you can catch up any classes when you have booked a term at all Blush Dance sites, this applies to terms booked for burlesque, pole, aerial hoop or silks. You can catch up classes at any blush dance venue, all we ask is that you pre-arrange this with your teacher as its often the case that we need to inform another teacher you will be attending their class.

All our aerial and pole classes are booked in advance to ensure we abide by health and safety laws and our code of ethics which ensures 2-3 people per equipment and a safe number of people in classes. In the unfortunate event you miss a class you have booked and paid for, we offer a ‘catch up class’ rule to ensure you dont lose out on classes or your training. Catch up class rules are; when a class you have booked in advance has been missed you may attend the same level class at another venue/time to ensure you catch up your class missed. This ‘catch up class’ can be taken at any time within the 6 week term the class was missed, it can even be taken in advance. YOU MUST BOOK YOUR CATCH UP CLASS 24 hours in advance, please discuss with your regular tecaher which class is a suitable class to catch up  at. Please note catch up classes are subject to availability. All our classes booked are bound by our terms and conditions.

If you are catching up at Stockport please email us at at least 24 hours prior to the class you are catching up at. When you email please include the class, and date you are catching up at and from, plus your full name. This allows us to inform the teacher you will be catching up at their class and mark you off on the register. If you no longer can make the catch up, please inform us via email with 24 hours notice otherwise your catch up will still be marked as attended.

If you are catching up at Manchester, Birmingham or sheffield please email the instructor contact email address for that site:

Manchester –

Sheffield –

Birmingham –