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Studio Safety Policy

Our rules are designed to ensure we all enjoy a safe and effective environment to train in and create mutual respect for all teachers and fellow students. We ask that you kindly help us in maintaining this standard by following these simple rules:

1 – Please arrive to the studio before your class start time. Students arriving after the warm up has been completed will not be able to take part in the class.

2 – Please do not apply creams, lotions, baby oil or fake tan 24 hours prior to your pole dance class. This damages the equipment’s coating, makes it slippy, dangerous and a hazard to you and your students and teachers.

3 – Please remove all jewellery, watches, necklaces etc prior to classes. The metal in rings and watches damages the poles and can scratch your jewellery. Getting jewellery caught in a rigging rope or in clothing when performing activities in classes can cause injury.

4 – Please do not use equipment without completing a full warm up. This applies to renting, classes, or private sessions. A warm up prepares the body fully for the activity to be executed, without this you risk harm and injury to your body.

5 – Please do not attempt moves which you have not been asked to perform. It can be exciting to watch another student attempt a move however the teachers will offer moves that compliment your level of training, if a move has not been demonstrated to you or you have not been asked to try it there is a good reason for this. There is no benefit in rushing to progress, the only result is injury.

6 – Please respect your studio, please leave it as you would wish to find it. We provide bins, pole cleaning cloths, grip aids, mats and chairs all for you to use, we regularly maintain and check these so they are safe and fit for purpose. Please help us to maintain this standard by tidying away any equipment used, placing mats, cloths, chairs, grip aids back in their rightful place and placing rubbish in the bins.

7 – Please wear appropriate clothing to class, ensure you bring layers to warm your body and these are worn throughout warm up and cool down. If you are without suitable kit, please ask your teacher, we provide clothing for classes at reasonable prices.

8 – Sessions must be paid for in advance of class starting, if you have not paid for your lesson you will be asked to pay cash/card before class starts before you can take part. If you arrive late and have not paid payment will be taken either by a teaching assistant or by the teacher at the end of the session.

9 – All students must sign in prior to taking class or renting equipment. This is for health and safety and fire regulations. If you are catching up a lesson please indicate which date of lesson you are catching up on the signing in form. Catch up spaces are offered where available.

10 – Your teacher will ask at the start of the session if anyone has any injuries or circumstances she should know about. Your teacher should be notified of any serious injuries or circumstances e.g. pregnancy in advance of the class.

11 – We are really proud of our supportive, motivating and positive environment, please feel free to compliment, support, and cheer your fellow students at any time you think fit. Please feel free to smile, sing, dance and be happy, it never fails to make you feel good